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About Us

After being introduced to each other at Sheridan College, while getting their BFA in Film and TV production, Declan Rolph and Richard Ferguson started Anonymous Bat as a full-service production company. 

For their first project the company pursued something large and produced a short documentary series for the inaugural season of the HFX Wanderers. This was the benchmark for their future productions, where they worked closely with the team to write, produce and market the series. Since then, they have stuck with that approach. Working closely with each client to give them exactly what they need and what works for their audience.


Richard and Declan have also worked on several music videos, live performances, corporate videos, tv shows, feature films, and various other productions as crew members and as the ones in charge. They bring this vast experience to each shoot. 

They look to bring fun and personality to each project. They love what they do and love having a good time doing it. Being able to make jokes, make friends, and make great videos is their definition of success.

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